The Importance of Community

We live in a world where everyone is trying get as many Instagram followers as possible and friending everyone they know on Facebook. Technology is great, and social media is a wonderful way to stay in touch with people who we don’t see often. But how many of our Facebook “friends” have we actually spoken to recently? When was the last time we sat down with friends and spoke about something other than work or school or that trip you took last month? When was the last time we talked about things that we were struggling with or listened while someone else got something off their chest?

  Even though you might see lots of people every day – at work, at school, during your commute, while you’re out shopping – it can be easy to feel alone even when surrounded by other people. That’s why it’s so important to build a community of good friends and family members to help and support you, and who you can help and support in return. This sense of community can give you courage when you need it, whether it’s courage to pursue a dream that you’ve always been afraid to go after or the courage to get through a difficult situation or period of your life.

  A good community of friends and family will support you when you need it and celebrate with you when you’ve accomplished a goal. And when it’s a friend or family member who has a problem and needs advice, it can be so rewarding to be able to help them through a difficult time, especially if it’s a situation that you’ve been through yourself.

  The feeling of being part of a community and belonging to a group of friends and family can have a big positive impact on your happiness and stress level. Additionally, people who love and support you are more likely to give you constructive feedback when you need it, sometimes even before you realize you need it. And most importantly, it brings joy! The memories and laughter you can share with your community of friends and family are incredibly precious, and truly can last your entire life.

  So the next time you feel the need to get something off your chest, or talk about a problem you’re having or something you’re struggling with, find a friend or family member to share it with instead of keeping it to yourself. It’s easy to bottle up your problems and feel the need to handle them all yourself, but it’s important to find those people (like your friends and family) who want to help you and support you when you need it!