The Benefits of Listening to Podcasts

It’s no secret that podcasts are having a moment. From Serial to This American Life to Radiolab, it seems like everywhere you look there’s a new podcast in the spotlight that all your friends and family are listening to. Whether you listen on your way to work or while you’re making dinner, podcasts are easy to get into, and which are becoming incredibly popular. Here are just a few of the reasons you should start listening to podcasts:


  1. They’re flexible. Your phone might come with a podcast app already installed, but there are also lots of other apps to choose from depending on what you’re looking for. Your favorite music app or website might also have a podcast player attached. If you’d rather listen on your computer, most podcasts are easily playable from their own websites or even from YouTube.

  2. You’ve got options. Whether you’re looking for something light and humorous, a more serious news program, or a gripping crime story, you’re sure to find a topic that interests you. There are podcasts out there covering everything from food and health to literature and history to business and finance (and everything in between).

  3. It’s easy to multitask. Unlike watching Netflix or reading a book, it’s super easy to plug in your headphones, start your podcast, and then move on to something else. This makes podcasts great for your commute, or when you’re folding your laundry or making dinner.

  4. You’ll learn new things. There are so many educational programs out there that you can definitely find one covering a topic that you’re interested in learning more about, from history that you missed in school to classic literature that you never read. And if you’re interested in learning another language, there are lots of language-learning podcasts that teach you step by step and provide great listening practice.

  5. Listening skills will increase. This seems obvious, because you listen to a podcast. But when you’ve plugged in your headphones and turned on your podcast and then use that time to multitask, you’re training yourself to pay attention to multiple things at once. Not only are you focused on what you’re doing – putting away dishes, cleaning the house, walking to class – you’re also focused on what you’re listening to – the podcast.

  Whether you want to take the plunge by starting multiple podcasts, or just dip your toe in the water with only one, there are lots of reasons to start listening! Just think – the next time all your friends start talking about that cool fact they learned on the latest episode of their favorite podcast, you’ll be able to join the conversation!