3 Quick Questions to Get Answered When Searching for the Closest Abortion Clinic

So you took an at-home pregnancy test 3 times in a row all with the same result—POSITIVE, and now you’re POSITIVE you need to make an appointment at the closest abortion clinic because being pregnant right now was definitely not in the plan? Here are 3 quick questions you need answers to when scheduling that […]

Get in the Game!

When was the last time that you set time aside specifically for sports? If you had to really think to find the answer to that question, perhaps it’s time that you begin to think about getting back in the game! Sports that is! There are many health benefits to staying active in sports throughout your […]

6 Things Successful People Do Differently

Everyone has their own definition of success, but we all want to feel successful in life.  Right? By picking up some of these habits, you can be even more successful than you already are.  Why not be the best you can be?! 6 Things Successful People Do Differently: They wake up early. Did you know […]

13 Reasons Why Women Should Say No to Habitual Compromise

Due to the ease and comfort of appeasing others (or our own pride), we wanted to talk about 13 reasons why women should say no to habitual compromise. Whether it’s work or relationships, it can be a slippery slope when we begin to compromise. It’s one thing to meet in the middle on a work […]

3 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Social Media Bullying

National Social Media Day is June 30th. As we all know, social media is a wonderful way to stay connected to our friends and family; but equally known is that it is also a tool used by some to bully others. We found it an appropriate time to address three ways to protect yourself against […]

Get Growing with an Indoor Garden!

Indoor gardening is perfect for those who live in bustling cities but desire a connection to nature, homegrown veggies, or just something to brighten up their home! But wait, there’s more! Plants can also cleanse the air in your home! Whether you want to dedicate a countertop or a windowsill, indoor gardening can prove to […]

Best Friends Forever or Best Friends for Now

We are all familiar with the term BFF, but does giving someone that title stop at mere good intentions or is there some truth to it? Best friends forever or best friends for now—let’s talk about it. Of course, it sounds better to say best friends forever, but I prefer the term, bestie. Here’s why. […]

5 Ways to Encourage, Help, and Support Someone Battling Cancer

National Cancer Survivor Day is coming up, and many of us know someone who has beat this disease. Every year, 1.2 million new cancer cases are diagnosed in the U.S. Obviously, cancer doesn’t discriminate, and we want to do all we can for those going through treatment. We are going to cover 5 ways you […]

Heat Safety Warning Signs to be Mindful of When Exercising Outdoors

Today is Heat Safety Day and with many heading outdoors to exercise in warmer weather, it’s an appropriate time to talk about heat safety warning signs to be mindful of when exercising outdoors. When the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, we all want to get outside. Whether it’s walking, running, biking, or […]

8 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Mind Healthy and Alert

This week is Women’s Health week so we wanted to focus on some helpful tips to keep your mind healthy and alert. Who hasn’t gone into a room only to forget why they went in there to begin with? How about having something on the “tip of your tongue” one minute and then drawing a […]