Why We’re the Best Choice for a Private Women’s Center

Women from all over the Chicago area, including Aurora and Naperville, come to us while experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and exploring their options, including abortion. You deserve to understand the complete picture regarding your choices. With almost 200 women reaching out to us for appointment information in just the last 30 days, it’s clear women […]

Information About the Tablet for Abortion

With so many of you reaching out for information about a tablet for abortion or the abortion pill in the Naperville area, we’ve decided to give you a little more information about it this week. While the abortion pill is an alternative that many women prefer over an actual surgical abortion due to convenience, clinics […]

Can I Have an Abortion in Aurora Without My Parents Knowing?

That’s a very common question that comes to us from our patients. In order for a minor to have an abortion in Illinois, an abortion clinic is required to notify one of her parents/guardians 48 hours prior to the abortion procedure. However, what many young people don’t know — if you’re a minor who is […]

Dear Future Patient…

Dear Future Patient, Chances are, if you have an unplanned pregnancy story, we’ve heard one like it before. Hundreds of men and women walk through our clinic doors each year and trust us to keep their information confidential. There’s no need to be embarrassed when you step into our office of experienced, caring professionals. Many […]

PART II: Ultrasound Importance When Considering Abortion

In last week’s blog, we shared that up to 50% of pregnancies naturally end in miscarriage or a spontaneous abortion.  But what exactly is a miscarriage or a spontaneous abortion? Definition:  A spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) is any pregnancy that is not viable.  A pregnancy not being viable means that the fetus cannot survive inside the […]

PART I: Ultrasound Importance When Considering Abortion

Did you know that up to 50% of pregnancies may end in a natural miscarriage (or spontaneous abortion)?  Getting an ultrasound is the best way to see if your pregnancy is viable and continuing normally.  The ultrasound will also show if your body is naturally rejecting the pregnancy.  We understand… the last thing you want […]


“I missed my period, so I took an at-home pregnancy test, and it came back negative.  This puts me at ease, because I really can’t have a baby right now. However, I looked at the package after I took the test and it says the test has expired.  Can pregnancy tests really expire?  Could I […]

Sexting Revealed

WHAT IS SEXTING? When people talk about sexting, they usually mean sending and receiving: naked pictures or ‘nudes’ ‘underwear shots’ sexual or ‘dirty pics’ What may seem like a completely private conversation that no one else will ever know about is really just an illusion. Things can go wrong – even when you didn’t mean […]

STI/STD Need-to-Know Information

I know, we talk all the time about STIs and STDs and the importance of getting tested for them… but we have never really outlined what they are and what the difference is. STI stands for “sexually transmitted infections.”  The term STI is broader and more inclusive because some infections are curable and you may […]

3 Quick Questions to Get Answered When Searching for the Closest Abortion Clinic

So you took an at-home pregnancy test 3 times in a row all with the same result—POSITIVE, and now you’re POSITIVE you need to make an appointment at the closest abortion clinic because being pregnant right now was definitely not in the plan? Here are 3 quick questions you need answers to when scheduling that […]